Brilliant musicianship made simple

Pianote is an elegant and powerful tool designed to radically simplify and improve your music-learning habits. Pianote lets you efficiently store and import musical metadata, organizing your songs into repertoires for easy access. You can create as many repertoires as you wish, perhaps one for each instrument, instructor, or rehearsal group you have.

Every song in Pianote is ranked using your current priority and proficiency — in other words, how important is learning each song? And which ones are in need of practice? Every time you open Pianote, its algorithmic backend normalizes and gradates your practice logs, so you can sit back and tap the first songs you see.

Brilliant musicianship made simple. With Pianote, you can surf and understand your musical history like never before — with a sophisticated and robust set of features applied thoughtfully to a familiar interface. No longer will you need to manually write down, categorize, or even remember your schedules and collections of music.

Pianote grants you the freedom to rapidly and intelligently browse through your song-by-song history, tracking your progress and achievements on the quest to musical mastery. And soon enough, Pianote will bring you practice reminders, repertoire sharing, audio recording, and more!

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